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The Fleet
Shallow Draft Multi-Purpose Workboats
’Njord’ class

Amphibious weed cutter, excavator and
Marine aquatic maintenance boat

Based on the innovative Mobitrac TR Classic, Njord is the latest addition to our multi-functional fleet.

The MOBITRAC is an amphibious machine, specially designed for the maintenance and restoration of harbours, marinas, canals, waterways, marshes, ponds, embankments, flooded land, etc.

Easy-to-connect equipment facilitates a rapid installation of the appropriate tool kit, turning the machine into a dredger, mower, harvester or excavator in minutes.

The MOBITRAC is fully multi-functional allowing Harbour Clean to exploit the machine’s potential to the full.

This amphibious machine can be used for various operations:

Mowing & Harvesting
Oil-spill clean up
Marine site maintenance

The MOBITRAC can be operated both on land as in water. The machine is very manoeuvrable and is capable of rotating on its axis in the water. It is therefore ideal for use in inaccessible marsh areas and shallow water.

Due to its light weight (1.2 tonnes) distributed over two broad tracks, it is suitable for sensitive areas such as parks, cultivated gardens and golf courses. The minimal ground pressure of the amphibious machine directs virtually no damage to the substrate during operation.

Depending on the type of work, the relevant tools are attached to the lift arm or, if appropriate, directly coupled to the vessel’s hydraulics.

This machine is equipped with:

Different cutters for mowing
Rakes for cleaning / collecting the cut material
Skimmer for oil spill or blue algae
Dredging Pump for dredging
Excavation unit with different buckets for dredging, bank restoration, material handling, etc

’Nirvana’ class

6m aluminium landing craft built for tough conditions

Features include:
- Strengthened bow door
- 1.5 tonnes payload
- <150mm (6") draft
- Low air draft (approx 750mm)
- Multi-purpose
- Highly manoeuvrable
- Equipped to SASHMA workboat guidelines
- Commercial skipper
- Low running costs
- Road trailer mobilisation

Nviro Hercules Narrowboat Dredger
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