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Brigg Set for Big Spring CleanBrigg Set for Big Spring Clean
Added: 21 May 2013
This is Scunthorpe

Landscaping work to the site – near to the River Ancholme towpath – will coincide with the town’s annual spring clean.

Community groups and officials will tidy up the town on the evening of Thursday 23 May.

Their efforts will be aided by waste control firm Harbour Clean who will be paid £XXXX to clean the area of the River Ancholme between May and September.

Town clerk Jeanette Woollard said: "Harbour Clean will do four days work in May because it is the first one of the year."

Brigg Town Council took action to address the build up of litter that was blighting the River Ancholme.

Groups signed up to take part in the annual spring clean include the Rotary Club, scouts, cadets and around 12 members of the public.

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Harbour Clean praised for clean-upHarbour Clean praised for clean-up
Added: 23 Jul 2012
Harbour Clean, the shallow water maintenance specialists, have been praised by local residents and the town council, for their recent efforts to keep the River Ancholme clean in Brigg, Lincolnshire.

Utilising their versatile landing-craft workboat Nirvana, the contractor has so far removed in excess of 5 tonnes of floating and submerged debris and rubbish from the spur of the river as it runs through the town centre.

As reported by the local Scunthorpe Telegraph, concerns have been raised at the level of fly-tipping in the River Ancholme.

Residents have reported an increased amount of rubbish in the river – despite town councillors spending £6,000 for the river to be cleaned.

Harbour Clean first cleaned the river on May 26, in works that coincided with the town’s annual spring clean of the river.

Residents welcomed the move by the town council to spend the money on cleaning the river but were disappointed with the fly-tipping issues.

Julie Porter, 45, said: ’The river and market place are the best things about Brigg and it is important we keep them clean so people come. The fly-tipping is really disappointing, whoever is doing it is ruining it for everyone.’

Harbour Clean has been praised for its efforts in cleaning up the River Ancholme with positive observations made of its work.

Mrs Porter added: ’The river has looked really good after they have been.’

Jeanette Woollard, Brigg Town Council clerk also said the river cleaning was going well.

’Harbour Clean reported back after their second visit and a lot of people have said it is looking really good,’ she said.

’However, they did say they pulled out some large items of rubbish from the river including a sofa.’

Harbour Clean projects manager, Sean Moth, commented: ’It was amazing to find such large items submerged in the waterway. They posed an obstacle to the safe navigation of boats on the river and were certainnly dumped since our previous visit in May.’

Website: http://www.thisisscunthorpe.co.uk/Worries-sofas-bikes-pulled-river-clean/story-16582066-detail/story.html
Brigg volunteers wade in to help with £6,000 river clean-upBrigg volunteers wade in to help with £6,000 river clean-up
Added: 27 May 2012
Scunthorpe Telegraph

Users of the River Ancholme have welcomed the announcement that the town council will spend £6,000 cleaning the water way.

The work will start at the end of May and will be followed by monthly visits by waste control firm, Harbour Clean, to clear the river of rubbish.

The river has been described by one town councillor as the jewel in Brigg’s crown and the work will aim to keep it that way.

The start of the cleaning project will coincide with the town’s annual spring clean on Saturday, May 26, where groups of volunteers will take to the streets and river bank.

There will then be monthly visits by the contractors until September.

Peter Keel, from the Glanford Boating Club and member of the Ancholme Users Group, said: ’It will definitely be welcomed.

’The other day I was out on a boat and went down as far as South Ferriby.

’I was amazed at the amount of plastic floating around in the river.

’We extensively use the river on a Thursday night and we do our best to keep our side of the river clear.’

Town councillors agreed that action was long overdue and would benefit everyone in the town.

Councillor Anne Eardley said: ’People have been asking for this to be done for 30 years now and it is about time we took responsibility and stopped passing the buck.

’Over the years, it has gone from bad to worse.

’The river is the jewel in Brigg’s crown.’

Councillor Alec Depledge, organiser of the town’s community led plan, a scheme that aims to map out the town’s future, said the issue of waste in the river was a recurring one when he spoke to residents. The river and its condition was by far the biggest concern of residents when we were consulting about the community led plan,’ he said.

Councillor Ben Nobbs said: ’We have tried to get volunteers to do it over the years with little success.

’As a town councillor each year I get my ears burned by residents concerned at the state of the river.’

The first set of works this month will cost £1,898 and will include four days of cleaning.

Cleaning works will then take place each month for two days until September at a further £948 per visit.

Town clerk Jeanette Woollard said: ’The river looks wonderful after the spring clean by volunteers, but a month later it is just back to normal again.’

Website: http://www.thisisscunthorpe.co.uk/Brigg-volunteers-wade-help-pound-6-000-river/story-16193452-detail/story.html
Marina World: "Mobile Clean-Up Service"Marina World: "Mobile Clean-Up Service"
Added: 10 Nov 2010
The authoritative and market-leading publication Marina World (Nov/Dec 2010) has highlighted the marina environmental maintenance services offered by Harbour Clean.

In the publication’s showcase of innovative Products and Services, MW states ’Marina operators in the south coast of England are taking advantage of a new clean-up service offered by Portsmouth-based company, Harbour Clean’.

The article refers to the recent report by the Royal Yachting Association that identifies growing concern among sailing clubs that their facilities are being clogged by various types of marine weed.

To view the full Marina World article, follow the External website link below.
Website: http://issuu.com/marinaworld/docs/mw1110s/55?viewmode=magazine
DPC acknowledge quick workDPC acknowledge quick work
Added: 04 Oct 2010
The definitive port maintenance magazine, Dredging and Port Construction (DPC), has acknowledged the quick work of Harbour Clean with a news report in their October 2010 issue.

Citing a recent project in a UK south coast port, DPC acknowledged that Harbour Clean shifted over a tonne of floating debris in just two hours.

The DPC article also noted the all round capabilities of Harbour Clean’s ’flexible, multi-pronged service’.

Sean Moth, manager of Harbour Clean, commented: ’It is very rewarding to see our service being acknowledged by such an authoritative source as Dredging and Port Construction magazine. We have a number of challenging contracts ahead and hope to have more positive news about our service very shortly.’

Website: http://www.dpcmagazine.com/
Firm turns litter lake back into anglers’ paradiseFirm turns litter lake back into anglers’ paradise
Added: 23 Aug 2010
The News, Portsmouth
Published 20 Aug 2010

By Fran Duckett-Pike

It has been an ugly mess for far too long but now Fountain Lake, next to the entrance of Whale Island, Stamshaw, has been cleaned up.

The lake was covered with rubbish and debris and Alf Horne, president of the Fountain Lake Angling Club, was fed up with forking out hundreds of pounds every year on clearing it up.

But after the story appeared in The News staff at Hayling Island-based Harbour Clean decided to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty.

They spent three-and-a-half days at the lake, clearing everything from crisp packets to discarded needles, filling skips full of waste.

And now the lake is a place to be proud of.

Mr Horne, 81, said: ’Harbour Clean saw the article in the paper and came and saw me straight away.

’They did a fantastic job, they worked non-stop.

’They had a boat to go onto the lake and were just pulling out all sorts from the lake and the shoreline.’

He added: ’I do feel better about things now. It (the rubbish) is something I want to see the back of, hopefully it will not come back again.

’People should be more aware of what they are discarding.

’It is also people who go boating and they don’t take bins for rubbish, which is terrible.’

Despite Portsmouth City Council refusing to take responsibility for the cost of the clear-up, it did contribute [to] the cleaning of the shoreline of the ferry port. But Mr Horne still feels that this is not enough.

He added: ’I pay £5,700 in rates a year but the council don’t help me with clearing up the rubbish, where does that money go?’

Harbour Clean, of Northney Marina, hayling Island, contacted The News after the article appeared on August 11, and we put them in touch with Mr Horne.

The kind-hearted staff offered their time to Mr Horne, only charging him cost price for the work to be done.

Sean Moth, co-owner of Harbour Clean, said: ’We wanted to help and agreed to clear the lake as a gesture of goodwill. I was surprised when I first saw the lake. I didn’t expect there to be so much rubbish.

’We were initially going to be there for two days but Alf asked us to stay longer to clear up around the ferry port.’

The 28-year-old added: ’It was hard work - I am still recovering now!

’There was a lot of muck and all the rubbish got on top of the seaweed, we had to pull it all out.

’I hope it stays clean now.’

Website: http://www.portsmouth.co.uk/newshome/Firm-turns-litter-lake-back.6485611.jp
Nirvana is a Clean HarbourNirvana is a Clean Harbour
Added: 10 Aug 2010

4 August 2010

For immediate release

Nirvana is a Clean Harbour

Portsmouth-based workboat operator, Harbour Clean, reports that a clean marine environment is still a priority for most ports, despite the recent local government cutbacks.

Utilising a fleet of small workboats named Nirvana, designed specifically for shallow water (less than 6 inches or 150mm) operation, Harbour Clean engage in a range of activities within the inter-tidal areas of many south coast ports, primarily within the Hampshire, Solent and Sussex boundaries.

“Floating and washed-ashore debris and litter is still a major problem, despite the introduction of MARPOL (marine pollution) regulations,” says Harbour Clean Manager, Sean Moth. “Although ships and all marine leisure craft are banned from dumping litter overboard, it is amazing how much plastic waste and flotsam arrives on our shores. Large plastic sheets, ropes and parts of fishing nets are a real hazard, not only to wildlife but even to huge craft such as the cross-Channel catamaran and other high performance vessels in rivers and harbour approaches.”

“A recent clean-up operation in a large south coast port resulted in over a tonne of floating debris being recovered in two hours,” commented Sean. “Closer inshore the waste appeared to be from a more domestic source, including sunken obstacles such as children’s bikes, shopping trolleys and even a drowned cat!”

“Weed control in marine areas is of great concern this year – the Royal Yachting Association reported recently that a large number of their sailing clubs were clogged with various types of weed and we are receiving a high level of enquiries for both weed control and removal.”

Additionally, Harbour Clean operate an emergency service for both oil spill boom deployment and for personnel/equipment evacuation from flooded land. “With the boats afloat in water of just 6 inches (150mm), we can access areas out of reach of other boats, and the bow doors of our landing craft mean that we can offer a loading platform at water level or direct from the dry land” explained Sean. “The boats are fully road transportable so we can mobilise to most locations along the south coast in just a couple of hours and launch in almost all tidal conditions.”

Enquiries have even been received from film companies wanting to use the stable platforms of the Nirvana landing craft for their film crews. “Every time the phone rings it seems to bring a new challenge” commented Sean “and long may it continue.”

Picture caption:

The highly manoeuvrable Nirvana landing craft is able to clear weed from areas inaccessible by deeper draft vessels.


Note to editors:

Harbour Clean is based at Northney Marina, Hayling Island and was founded as a family-run business in 2009.

The ‘Nirvana’ class landing craft are fully compliant with the SASHMA (Solent and Southern Harbour Masters’ Association) guidelines for workboat operation. Principal dimensions are 6.1m long, 2.3m beam, 150mm draft (light), speed 8 knots, 1.5 tonne (distributed) payload, 2 crew. A full width bow door allows for direct loading of personnel or wheeled plant.

For further information, contact;

Sean Moth
Tel: 023 92 460111
Fax: 023 92 460123
E-mail: admin@harbourclean.com
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