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Marine Environmental Services
Innovative Solutions at Budget-Conscious Rates

Shallow water maintenance specialists for:

Waterways and Watercourses
Rivers, canals and lakes
Inland Marinas
SuDS Attenuation Basins
Golf courses and fisheries
Flooded Land

.... in fact, anywhere with waters depths of less than 3m.


SuDs Maintenance and Remedial Works
Marine Weed and Aquatic Vegetation Removal
Reed Cutting and Control
Floating and Washed-Ashore Debris/Litter Clearance
Marina, Harbour, River and Watercourse Maintenance
Pontoon and Slipway Pressure Washing
Oil Spill Tier 1 / Tier 2 Boom Deploy
Invasive Weed Control
Marine Civils Support
Emergency Rescue
Personnel/Equipment Transport and Landing

Operational features:

Fleet of 7 Multi-purpose and Operation-Specific Craft
Truxor-type Amphibious excavator/weed cutter/reed harvester
6.3m multi-purpose workboat/landing craft
4m shallow draft workboat/landing craft
Extremely stable work platforms
Road trailer launch and recovery
Highly manoeuvrable for close-in/shallow water work

Harbour Clean offers a range of innovative solutions for the provision of shallow water services in all marine environments.

Utilising a unique fleet of vessels - including amphibious Truxor-type craft, survey vessels, landing craft and utility barges - Harbour Clean ensures total environmental control and management in areas normally considered to be inaccessible to conventional craft.

By tailoring services to customers specific requirements, and by careful management of overheads and running costs, Harbour Clean is able to offer a focussed service to suit all budgets from a simple one-off call-out to long-term provision of contract services.
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